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We are a team of professional personnel assessment consultants and occupational psychologists. Landmark specializes in carrying out Assessment and Development centers, developing assessment tools and competency frameworks. We assess both actual and potential competency. The team has been implementing personnel assessment projects since 2010 for leading Russian and international companies. 

Adaptive approach

We adapt our assessment tools to the specifics of the client business field. Application of relevant business specific cases allows for the collection of statistical data for high quality informative benchmarking. 

Extensive Range of Business Cases and Exercises 

We use our own business cases and behavioral exercises, created for testing managers of different levels and in various business sectors.  

Organizational Psychology 

Landmark consultants are professional psychologists, with 10 years of work experience in the field of business psychology and personnel assessment. 

Professional Ethics 

All participants are provided with equal opportunities for successful completion of the Assessment center. Extensive feedback and follow up is available to every participant upon request, regardless of the company’s professional decision. We maintain an open approach in providing identical reports to both the company and the Assessment center participant. 


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Account Management 

Our interests lie in the creation and development of individual relationships with every client based on their vision and tasks, establishing long term partnerships and submerging in corporative and business specifications-all of which are backed up with several years’ experience of collaborating with our clients. We individually personalize all assessment decisions (report format, positioning of Assessment event, task content, communication etc.). Our core values are flexibility, operational efficiency, and cooperation availability.  

Our Specialty - Assessment of Mid to High Level Managers


Vast experience of evaluating executives in various business sectors, manufacture and production operations, as well as state civil service. 

Individual Approach to Every Assessment Participant

Providing Assessment to an individual/small group basis ensures an extensive and detailed perspective of every participant, exact determination of competency of growth level and motivation and personal qualities.

Compliance with Assessment Center Standards 

Assessment and Development centers which are performed by Landmark are strictly in accordance with the Russian Assessment Center standards at all stages - from planning to execution and the offering of feedback.   

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We carry out traditional Assessment and Development centers, aimed at diagnosing current levels of employee competency development and determining their personal and managerial potential. We strictly adhere to methodologies and implement proven solutions, which correspond with the established Assessment center standards. 

Design and structure 

Assessment and Development center sessions last between 7-9 hours, and include behavioral exercises (presentations, group discussions, roleplays), business cases, licensing tests and interviews. Exercises and tests are adapted to the specifications of the professional tasks of the employee being evaluated, and they simulate real-life work situations. During the interview competencies are assessed, and considerable attention is given to identifying the employee’s motivation, as well as key personal quality factors. Results are relayed to the client in the form of a detailed report, and extensive feedback is offered to the participating employee or candidate. 

Key report sections:

-Competency rating figures 

-Description of personal factors 

-Strong sides and areas for development 

-Potential risks for the position 

-Competency development recommendations 


We develop business cases and behavioral exercises (roleplay, group discussions with allocated roles, in-basket exercise etc.), which are modified to company job specifications and responsibilities. We develop manuals for the use of the given tools, based on the results of these tasks, constraining instructions, recommendations for carrying out and interpreting the results, and the exercise material itself. 


Development of Competency Frameworks, which we provide, for the assessment of employees, offers detailed structural competency levels, and corresponding behavior indications. The use of these Competency Frameworks adapted to company specifications, significantly increases the quality of employee assessment.  


We train company employees based on the full skill cycle of Assessment centers, including Assessment center development skills, result analysis, report creation, and giving feedback. Training is based on developed Assessment center programs for specific positions, which include a unit of exercises and evaluation model criteria. This is achieved by training, seminars, online consultations, and also includes skill development in practice, as part of an inaugural project supervised by our specialists. 

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Tatiana Belysheva

Partner, Executive Assessment Consultant 


Assessment Center experience: since 2008


Lomonosov Moscow State University, psychology faculty, specializing in clinical psychology and pathopsychology - 2007 

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, “Psychological Consultancy” program - 2010 

Areas of Expertise: 

Professional psychology and psychodiagnostics (The Serbsky State Scientific Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry) 

Graduate recruitment (“Futuretoday” recruitment company) Personnel assessment and training («CBSD/Thunderbird Russia» education company) 

Anastasia Obodyanskaya

Assessment consultant

Assessment Center experience: since 2009



Lomonosov Moscow State University, psychology faculty, specializing in work psychology and organizational psychology - 2008 

Specialized educational programs on diagnostics, evaluation and selection of personnel; training procedures programs 

Master in International Business and Foreign Trade (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) – 2011 

Master in Music Therapy (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) – 2013 


Areas of Expertise: 

Personnel selection («Highlight» recruitment company) 

Personnel Evaluation and Training («CBSD/Thunderbird Russia» education company) 

Psychological Consultancy and Psychotherapeutical Solutions 

Marina Luzianina

Assessment consultant, Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology


Assessment Center experience: since 2006


Lomonosov Moscow State University, psychology faculty, specializing in work psychology and organizational psychology - 2005 

Innovational Technology Master’s Degree, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration - 2011 


Areas of Expertise: 

Corporate Assessment Center executive management under Moscow City Government

Annual performance appraisal system implementation (Atomenergomash group, Nuclear Energy) 

Personnel Assessment and Training («CBSD/Thunderbird Russia» education company) 

Polina Dzhukha

Partner, Executive Assessment Consultant

Assessment Center experience: since 2013


Lomonosov Moscow State University, psychology faculty, specializing in clinical psychology and pathopsychology - 2008 

Jungian psychoanalysis education at Moscow Analytical Psychology Association  - 2011 

Psychosomatic Disorder Psychotherapy course at Moscow Analytical Psychology Association -  2012 

Areas of Expertise: 

Recruitment, personnel assessment and training (Personnel Technology Center «HR Potential») 

Professional psychology and psychological consultancy (Psychological Help Center «Vzaimodeistvie»; private psychotherapy practice) 

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+7 499 301 02 17 


Russia, Moscow, 109012,

Ilyinka st., 4, Gostiniy Dvor,

Business Center «Delovoy», office 2102

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